Grffn CIC

Growing Real Food For Nutrition CIC is registered in England and Wales as a not for profit, Community Interest Company, limited by guarantee on 19th July 2020. Registration number: 12753680

Any profits that are generated will be used to support projects related to the promotion of nutrient dense food.

The Team

Matthew Adams
Matthew AdamsDeep ecologist, Environmental Manager (B.Sc.) and Director of The Good Gardeners Association (2000-2011).
His work focuses on developing projects for education and research around growing food for nutrition. Author of ‘Beyond Organic, a Vision of the Future’, published in the Soil Association’s journal Mother Earth, Matthew contends that food quality should be defined by its nutrient qualities which, if a standard were calibrated correctly, will lead humans towards forming a symbiotic relationship with nature because it would require healthy soil, water and air to grow better food plants, increase biodiversity of soil and gut microorganisms which would lead to better health of animals and humans.
Julie Doherty
Julie DohertyEnvironmental conservationist, partnership and engagement specialist and permaculture practitioner
Julie has been working in the environmental conservation sector for over 14 years, connecting people with nature and developing partnerships that champion sustainable land management to improve biodiversity. Julie has a wealth of experience managing projects and programmes with Avon Wildlife Trust, and more recently as Engagement Manager on the National Trust’s Riverlands Programme.

Key Campaign Supporters

Kurikindi (Amazonian Shaman of the Kichwa Tribe, Ecuador)

Joel Williams (International plant and soil health educator)