Mission Vision and Ethics

Every global citizen eats high quality, nourishing, nutrient-dense food for better citizen and planetary health.

Rethinking what nutrition is by providing growers and citizens with greater awareness, knowledge and skills related to producing nutrient-dense food from healthy soils and harmonious ecosystems for better citizen health and well-being.

Values and Ethics

  • Practice high ethical standards, e.g. permaculture ethics of People Care, Earth Care and Fair Share.
  • Use systems thinking throughout circular regenerative food systems
  • Support the concept of connectedness between humans and nature
  • Promote climate emergency adaptation and mitigation.
  • Focus on new and innovative business ideas.
  • Meet the changing needs and desires of growers and food citizens.

CIC structure

We are ready to set up a Community Interest Company (CIC) once we gather enough support to do so.  Sign up <contact form> to get involved and register your interest if you would like to support this direction of travel or better still to get involved in one or more of our <Citizen Science> projects Bionutreint meter and Brix Testing UK.

The Team

Matthew Adams
Matthew AdamsDeep ecologist, Environmental Manager (B.Sc.) and Director of The Good Gardeners Association (2000-2011).
His work focuses on developing projects for education and research around growing food for nutrition. Author of ‘Beyond Organic, a Vision of the Future’, published in the Soil Association’s journal Mother Earth, Matthew contends that food quality should be defined by its nutrient content, allowing growing practices to be
Elizabeth Westaway
Elizabeth WestawayElizabeth Westaway is a puPublic health nutrition specialist with a PhD in International Development.
Since 1995 Elizabeth has worked as a practitioner, academic researcher and consultant in non-governmental organisations and in the UN on health, nutrition, food security and agriculture projects in emergency and development contexts of sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

Key Campaign Supporters

Kurikindi (Amazonian Shaman of the Kichwa Tribe, Ecuador) https://www.kurikindifoundation.org/copy-of-about

Joel Williams (International plant and soil health educator) https://www.integratedsoils.com/