Growing Real Food For Nutrition

Measuring food for nutrient density can tell us all we need to know about the quality of the soil it was grown in.

Growing Real Food for Nutrition’s aim is for everyone in the UK to be eating nutrient dense food

Field observations show that nutrient dense food:

  • regenerates soil
  • returns excellent yields
  • prevents pests and diseases
  • tastes better
  • has a longer shelf life

Learn with us how to regenerate soils and grow nutrient dense food by getting involved in one or both of our citizen science projects to measure success:

1) Brix testing UK measures carbohydrate to assess how well the plant was able to photosynthesise as an indicator of nutrient density. Anybody can do this with simple, basic equipment. Record your data on our database and compare results to others. Make changes to your growing practices and check the results next season.

2) The Bionutrient meter is a global, open-source project to develop an affordable handheld scanner that will test food in real-time for nutrient density. This requires many samples of fruits and vegetables plus the soils they were grown in to be sent to our laboratory for nutrient analysis.